Learning Objective

Linux Fundamentals Course will help you gain a strong foundation in Linux from scratch. This course will help you master important Linux concepts such as Linux installations, Packages, Architecture, File System, User Management, Scripting Data & various useful commands and utilities with sufficient hands-on. This Linux Fundamentals course is also a gateway towards Linux Kernel, Linux Administration and Linux programming.


After completing the course at FUTURE TALENT you'll be familiar with:

  -   User Administration
  -   Boot and Package Management
  -   Networking
  -   Linux Overview and Scripting
  -   Linux for software development
  -   Security Administration, Shell Script and Virtualization



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Who Should attend?

  -   If you are sick and tired of certain proprietary operating systems and you’d like to free yourself and make a statement by moving to open        source software in general and Linux in particular
  -   If you like the variety and customizability of Linux
  -   If you want the added security that using open source makes possible
  -   If you’re looking to develop job skills that are in demand and well-paid-for.
  -   If you’re just interested in learning more about the software that’s changing the world.